Gutter Cleaning in Guelph

Why Gutter Cleaning in Guelph is Important

Roof Leaking

Water flow in the gutters is key to roof functionality. If clogged, water build up occurs. This further damages the exterior of your roof.

Ice Damming

An ice dam forms when water freezes on the roof. Especially if the gutter is blocked, the freezing is bad for the roof longevity.

Animal Nesting

If there is no constant flowing water, gutters is a common area for nesting. Whether it's birds or squirrels, gutters damage from to animals.

What's the Best Way to Clean Gutters?

The best way to clean gutters is form the use of safe gutter cleaner tools. There are many benefits when using a gutter cleaner. Though, gutters are not always easy to access. This is why calling us for your gutter cleaning in Guelph needs is important. Our team knows how to attack these type of projects. Depending on the job, we encourage the use of pressure washers. In some cases dirt sticks to the gutter. The hot water from a washer is the best way to remove the dirt. Gutters should experience a deep clean yearly.

Gutter Cleaning in Guelph
Gutter Cleaning in Guelph

Why is Gutter Cleaning Dangerous?

While gutter cleaning is not a high-risk job, it can be dangerous. Gutters are often installed on the perimeter of the roof. This poses a risk for roofers and homeowners. If you are not experienced with a ladder, let our team handle the roofing work. Our roofers have years of knowledge and experience. Sometimes, gutters become clogged and force is required. Doing fast movements on top of a ladder is not something we encourage. Especially if you do not have the right tools, let our team take on the job.

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