Roof Inspection Guelph

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Roof Inspection Guelph | Our Roofing Process

Roof Inspection Guelph

What We Look For in Our Inspections

The roof inspection is a thorough examination of the roof. Our team looks at the structure and condition of the shingles, fascia, and other areas. This way, we determine the cause of any leaks or potential areas of concern. A Roof Inspection usually includes the below:
  • Checking for water damage, such as mold or water in attic
  • Shingle check to see if any are damaged
  • Temperature changes, sometimes cold wind enters through holes in roof

If We Find a Problem, Here is What We Suggest

After time, it is likely your roof experiences imperfections. Whether it is a roof leak, damaged shingles, or worn down framing, all of these can occur. At Hands-On Roofing Co, we prepare for all situations. If you need roofing services, see the options below.

These are some of the common services requested in Guelph and neighbouring areas. To get a better idea of what we offer, click here.

Roof Inspection Guelph
Roof Inspection Guelph

We've Done Many Roof Inspection Guelph Services

Our company has workers with over a decade of experience. To handle your roof leaks, the workers need to know where to look. With the knowledge our workers have, there isn't an asphalt shingle Guelph task we cannot complete. We have many satisfied customers that we use as references for previous work.

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