Roof Repair Guelph

Top Rated Roof Repair Services in Guelph and Neighbouring Areas

Roof Repair Guelph: What Services Are Offered?

Ashpalt Shingle Repair

Proper shingle installation helps prevent roof leaks. At Hands-On Roofing Co, our roofers have years of experience handling repairs. We focus on the replacement and repairing of any damaged or loose shingles. In areas that experience poor weather, shingles tend to blow off the roof eventually. If your roof is missing many shingles, our team also offers entire roof replacement services.

Roof Repair Guelph

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter blockage is common in windy areas. Especially in the Fall, leaves tend to build-up if not maintained. No matter the season, gutter maintenance is a top priority. We encourage you to call for a roof inspection if there is any signs of blockage. Water flow is less consistent when there is debris accumulation in the gutters. Often, gutter clogging is not visible to the average person. Our team safely inspects roofs so you do not put yourself at risk. Call our professional roofers to do a thorough clean.

Roof Repair Guelph
Roof Repair Guelph

Skylight Repair

Another cause for roof leaks are any imperfections in skylights. If you notice an issue with your skylight, call us. If ignored, there is a chance the problem worsens. With roof leaks, water spreads into other areas. Being proactive is important. We offer the best roof repair Guelph pricing for quality services. Our team is great with troubleshooting. We assure you that your issue is handled to our best ability. Call us for a roof inspection.

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